Policy Development And Review


We offer advice to banks and other financial institutions to assist them in formulating effective policies and procedures to establish a framework to regulate their operations. We draft new policies as well as review existing policies to align them with the best international market practices. Our approach incorporates a formalised peer group market intelligence study in which we benchmark the client’s policy against its peers.

Our policy development and review service may form one phase of a wider program of change we are managing for the client. This may, for example, include development of the models and systems to support the implementation of a new policy. Alternatively, we also undertake policy development or review as a discrete piece of work.

We offer policy development and review for the following:

  • Credit Risk Policy
  • Market Risk Policy
  • Foreign Exchange Risk Policy
  • Internal Audit Policy
  • Enterprise Wide Risk Management Policy
  • Investment Policy
  • Risk Appetite Policy
  • Business Continuity Risk Policy
  • Operational Risk Management Policy
  • Stress Risk Management Policy