Bourse Game


Bourse Game is a Foreign Exchange trading simulator developed by NeuralTechSoft, which provides a highly realistic simulation of the foreign exchange market for practical hands-on training. The game features all the major currencies of the world and has the capacity to add more currencies makes it completely customizable. The simple yet intuitive interface of the game allows the players to learn the intricacies of the currency market easily. Our Bourse Game package is bundled with a customizable training programme, delivered by an eminent faculty, who have years of experience in banking or teaching.


  • Bourse Game allows participants to plays as “banks” and offers a realistic and deep market which can not be manipulated by participants.
  • The instructor can play as the “Central Bank” acting as a monitor as in the real world.
  • The game features a customisable news feed feature, which fetches news from a huge database continuously. These news have an economic impact, and affect the virtual currency market as in the real world.
  • Highly customizable game settings allow the simulation of any scenario (stress, flat, high volatility etc) that exist in the real foreign exchange market.
  • Exhaustive and customizable Personal Evaluation Report (profit/loss, breach reports, summary positions etc) that provide extensive feedback on the participant’s performance help to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses as a trader.


  • Bourse game has been specifically designed to help personnel such as Junior & mid level dealers, Bank personnel in treasury, Finance students, Business school students and Corporate Finance Executives to understand the nuts and bolts of foreign exchange trading. Over the past 8 years we have conducted Bourse game sessions for business schools, investment and retail banks, banking institutes and central banks in India, the Middle-east, Africa & Europe.