Risk and Asset Management Studio

Risk and Asset Management Studio (RAMS) is a modular system that supports financial institutions and companies in defining and developing their own financial strategies, from strategic Asset Allocation to Order Management to Risk Management.

The modular features of RAMS and the design of the individual components allows customisation of the product according to the needs of each customer, defining the function and information set with reference to the level required for that particular business area. The system can in fact be shaped depending on the installed applications, and the individual applications can be be shaped according to centralized profiles.

RAMS Modules

AMC (Asset Management Companion)

Asset Management Companion is a powerful portfolio management tool that provides thorough support to investment managers, enabling them to manage client portfolios strategically and effectively. Owing to its modular structure, AMC is easily configurable and adaptable to the needs of individual users.


AMC.net is a comprehensive solution to the needs of portfolio managers. It enables analyis, management and ongoing monitoring of real portfolios.AMC.net can be tailored to reflect users’ organisational structure, and it provides an overall view on accounts for individual managers – from which they can access and analyse specific portfolios in complete detail.

CRONO (Customer Relationship Organizer and Optimizer)

CRONO is the Customer Relationship Module perfectly integrated with the other proprietor software, allowing the user to plan and to manage his own activities and therefore his time on the basis of priorities that can be better sorted out thanks to this same system.

DART (Data Analysis & Reporting Tool)

DART is a tool that simplifies data analysis via an advanced graphic interface, which allows classic report tools (tables, data, graphs, etc) to be placed alongside illustration tools such as headings and geometric figures. Ideal for programs in the financial field, but also useful in industrial situations.

GIANO(Global Investment Analyser and Optimizer)

Giano is a Portfolio Selection and Asset Allocation tool that incorporates the most advanced mathematical models available for portfolio selection. It includes the following modules: portfolio management, statistics, optimization, simulation, and reports.

E³ (Easy Econometrics Environment)

E³ is a forecasting tool which, integrated with GIANO, provides an add-on to the data analysis process. As a stand-alone solution, E³ is a highly sophisticated tool able to conduct forecasting analysis on any given set of historical series.

EPM (External Provider Manager)

EPM is a program for the control and monitoring of External Provider Picker. It allows users to specify requests for data files that the Picker fulfills.

PFP (Personal Financial Planning)

PFP is a personal financial planning program developed on the basis of multiperiod stochastic optimization models.

WISh (Web Information Sharing)

WISh is a content management system (CMS) that allows the safe sharing of information of all kinds in an intranet-internet context.

Who can use RAMS?

The RAMS suite consists of a range of highly sophisticated tools to support financial professionals at every level. From portfolio optimization to risk management, asset allocation and financial planning, it empowers the users to make the most of the market. The RAMS suite is particularly suited to

  • Portfolio Managers
  • Asset Allocation Committees
  • Risk Managers
  • Back Office Custodians
  • Corporate Finance Executives
  • Financial Consultants
  • Wealth Managers
  • Financial Planners
  • Investment Advisors


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